Our Management

Dipendra Nath Mallick - Chairman & Managing Director

With an experience of 32 years in concentric road transportation, he is the driving force behind the organization. Starting his career from managing consignments right from the grass-root levels, he is well aware of the intricacies and challenges faced in road movement.

He always stands as a support beside is employees and is an inspiration for them. He was also awarded the Excellence in Road Transportation by the Indian Economic Development & Research Association by the Hon’ble Labour Minister of India Mr. Sharad Yadav in the year 2000

Indrajeet Mallick - Director & CEO

A perfectionist by nature, he is a very hands-on kind of person and still prefers spending more time on the operation field personally looking through each department rather than sitting in his office. His analytical skills are always channelled into developing effective solutions to address every need of the customer.

He stands as motivation for his employees and always caters the need of the organisation himself.

Our Board of Advisors

Dr. Partha Mukhopadhyay

Partha Mukhopadhyay's last assignment, over the last seven years, was with the Infrastructure Development Finance Company (IDFC), where as a part of their Policy Advisory Group, He was involved in nurturing the development of policy and regulatory frameworks necessary for the flow of private capital into infrastructure projects in a manner that provided efficient service to the final user. Recently, in 2003, he was Visiting Faculty at IIM, Ahmedabad on a sabbatical from IDFC, where he taught courses on International Trade and Finance and Infrastructure Finance and Development.

Prior to this, he was with EXIM Bank of India, as the first Director of their Eximius Learning Centre in Banglore, and before that, with the World Bank, in what then was the Trade Policy Division in Washington.

Dr. Mukhopadhyay has a Ph.D. in Economics from New York University and an M.A. and M.Phil from the Delhi School of Economics.

Kamalesh Mukherjee

Kamalesh has diverse experience having worked both in Consulting and Manufacturing. He has worked with reputed names like LNM, Tata and Price Waterhouse. He has worked on joint ventures with international partners. In the process, he has built expertise in compliance and governance issue from the perspective of both internal and external stake-holders.

His forte is Corporate Finance with emphasis on Working Capital Management, Financial Planning and Monitoring, Development and refinerment of Computer Based Systems and strategizing and leading companies on their way to turnaround. Kamalesh has a keen eye for Management and Systems AAudit.

Manosh Bhattacharya

Manosh is a Management executive with domain expertise of courier, cargo, air operations, logistics planning, operations, warehousing, infrastructure, corporate planning and strategy.

Over 15 years of successful experience in providing organisations with operational, strategic and business leadership. Creating strategic business relationship in varied industries and in uniquely challenging situations to create value.

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  • 270 Mechanical Trailers

  • 10 Volvo Puller

  • 150 Hydraulic Axles

  • 50 Hydraulic Dumpers

  • Puller Exclusive for Hydraulic Axles

    • 2 Volvo 520

    • 3 Volvo 460

    • 3 Volvo 380

    • 2 Volvo 340

  • 5 Drop Deck Trailers