Since, 1978 Commercial Carriers Ltd. has cater the needs of the major industrial houses with its own incomparable infrastructure. CCL’s infrastructure also includes its worthy human capital which always tries to cater the needs of our worthy customers.

Fleet Composition

CCL’s own fleet consists of an assortment of 200 trailers capable of carrying a variety of different payloads ranging from 22 Metric Tons to 200 Metric Tons. The average age of the fleet is 7 years and 100% of the owned fleet is fitted with GPS to enable better tracking of consignments and facilitate timely communication about the consignment with our customers. A modern fleet with various load-carrying capacities helps us provide a great deal of flexibility to our customers. CCL also has a variety of HMV’S (Hydraulic Modular Vehicles) for various types of ODC’s (odd size consignments). For the mining sector we have special hydraulic dumpers which are special used for the transportation of iron ores to nearby and distant places.

Apart from the above mentioned owned fleet, CCL has controlled access to innumerable hired vehicles, which are available for use through the network of brokers, transportation partners and agents spread over the whole country, with whom the company maintains a mutually beneficial long term business relationship.

Operational Hub

CCL also has a 4 acre operational hub in Jamshedpur with an in-house vehicle repair and maintenance facility. The CCL management firmly believes that efficient and well-organized Fleet Management is key to provide prompt and responsive service to our customers.

Modernization initiatives are constantly being taken up in this core area under the able leadership of the experienced CMD. Modernized vehicle tracking and pre-scheduling of maintenance jobs, along with routine preventive maintenance tasks such as vehicle washing and greasing have significantly reduced on-route breakdowns. Also, intense training sessions organized by vehicle manufacturers for our mechanics has drastically reduced repair time, thereby increasing vehicle productivity.

Equipped warehouses

CCL has 3 fully quipped and safeguarded warehouses in Jamshedpur. CCL owns one of the largest warehouses in Jamshedpur where stocks of inventory are maintained on behalf of various parties. The warehouses are equipped with modern fork-lifts and other machinery. Special trained personnel have been recruited specially for proper inventory management.

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  • 270 Mechanical Trailers

  • 10 Volvo Puller

  • 150 Hydraulic Axles

  • 50 Hydraulic Dumpers

  • Puller Exclusive for Hydraulic Axles

    • 2 Volvo 520

    • 3 Volvo 460

    • 3 Volvo 380

    • 2 Volvo 340

  • 5 Drop Deck Trailers