Current Operations

Commercial Carriers Ltd. was established in the year 1978 to meet the requirement of the different industrial houses. Since, transportation along with logistic support is required for any industrial organisation to reach their business target smoothly; the company is designed to handle regular consignments and various types of ODC’s (odd size consignment) which cannot be transported through the means of railways.

CCL is undertaking transportation of various types of regular consignments from ports in various places such as Haldia, Kidderpore, etc; to the required production units.

  • Steel Transportation through dedicated fleet from Tata Steel Jamshedpur to various parts of East and North India.

  • Bluescope Sheet transportation through dedicated and market fleet from Tata Bluescope Steel Ltd. (Adityapur - Jamshedpur) to all over India.

  • Transportation of aggregates (Axels, Engines, etc.) through dedicated fleet from Tata Motors Jamshedpur to Tata Motors Pune.

  • Transportation of aggregates (Break Drums, tyres, bearings, etc.) from Kolkata/Haldia Port to Tata Motors Jamshedpur.

  • Transportation of ODC's through hydraulic axels from Tata Steel Growth Shop - Jamshedpur to Tata Steel Kalinganagar Project (KPO) Odisha

  • Transportation of ODC's and break bulk consignments from Kolkata/Haldia Port to various project sites in East India such Tata Steel Jamshedpur, Tata Steel Kalinganagar Project (KPO) Odisha, Tata Steel Khondbond & Joda extension project.

  • Transportation of electrical segments and sections from Kolkata Depot to all over India for Phillips Electronics (India) Ltd.

  • Transportation of construction and project ODC equipment's from different project sites of Shapoorji Pallonji & Co. Ltd. to all over India.

  • Transportation and handling of iron ore from Vijaya II Iron Ore Mines, Jamda to Usha Alloys and Steel Division (UASD) Jamshedpur.

  • Raw material management for M/s Tayo Rolls Ltd. from Tata Steel Jamshedpur to Tayo Rolls Ltd. (Gamaharia).

Moreover the firm provides a supply management programme with its well equipped and safely bounded warehouses in Jamshedpur and other places. We store goods safely and supply to our customers as and when required by them.

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  • 270 Mechanical Trailers

  • 10 Volvo Puller

  • 150 Hydraulic Axles

  • 50 Hydraulic Dumpers

  • Puller Exclusive for Hydraulic Axles

    • 2 Volvo 520

    • 3 Volvo 460

    • 3 Volvo 380

    • 2 Volvo 340

  • 5 Drop Deck Trailers